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Here, we present Inox Arabia our partner in the Islamic world and the African continent and Indian sub-continent who develop and furnish our products to the requirements of a culture distinct though similar to ourselves here in Italy.

Established following the second world war the Group of Expo Inox has made itself renowned through the years on the European market and then on a world stage for its design and production at its sister company of Olimpia 80 Engineering machinery dedicated to the production of complete mills for welded tube manufacturing in a wide range of material, stainless steel, titanium, special alloy, duplex, carbon steel, aluminum, gold, etc. whilst thence through other companies of our group such as Thema Inox and Olimpia Inox we produce stainless steel tubing of the highest standards testified on the World Market.  Inox Arabia produces the finished products destined for the construction and manufacturing industries.
Inox Arabia have fabricated and installed a great percentage of stainless steel elements to the Burj Khalifa including the stainless steel fencing, gates, hand rails, etc.  Please enjoy the photos of our highly esteemed works.  Regarding this project please feel free to contact any of the companies involved with us on that project. EMAAR;  Nor Al Shaharom, PROSCAPE; Naser Ahmed, PROSCAPE; Mokund Joshi, SKIDMORE, OWINGS & MERRILL; Mohamed Sheriff, TURNER; David Bradford, and John Mills of HYDER.

Inox Arabia – Curvet Group have done the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Uffizi Museum in Italy, Photovoltaic Catamaran in London, Ventilation Towers in Italy and many more. A Metro Station project in Brescia, Italy is currently ongoing and through our name and reputation, we have received enquiries from some of the top architects in the world like Fosters and Partners for our collaboration.

We undertook the Burj Khalifa project promoting our technology design and workmanship governed by strict quality control by all involved in our fabrication from the CEO down to Site Installers because we all wanted to be the best in the world at what we do.  We declared from the outset that if our products were not accepted including an electro polished surface we were not interested in the project due to our belief that without electro polishing the products would show corrosion.  We were eventually believed and awarded the contract.

We proved correct, we were right and we are in a unique position because other suppliers of stainless steel is corroding or showing serious signs of corrosion and only our stainless steel is not.

Hence, we are the only supplier of stainless steel products that can proudly demonstrate our works and products on the tallest tower in the world.  Our products are visible to everyone.  They are the first and last thing you see and touch.  They include all the prestigious fencing and gates.  We produce what you see in your photos.

Hence, we are unique. What we have produced can never be taken away.

The world uses continuously more stainless steel.  Our specification of electro polishing stainless steel has now been written into the construction specifications of INDIA Tower, a 750 meter tall tower being designed by Fosters and partners of London to be built in India by the DB Hospitality Group.

Cracknell Landscape Architects, the largest in the Middle East if not the world have written it into their specifications referring to Inox Arabia.  The movement of acceptance of our pioneering is growing.  We did it, can do it but not everyone can. 

We are requested by Waagner Biro and Permasteelisa, two of the most prestigious fascade manufacturers in the world to collaborate and work with them on projects which includes the new Louvre of Abu Dhabi whose roof is more than 78,000 square meter of stainless steel in excess of 400 tons.  According to Permasteelisa a value of more than 50 million US Dollars will be spent on stainless steel on the Louvre of Abu Dhabi.  We are further working on Doha Airport and Doha Convention Center and our technology has been specified by Abu Dhabi Municipality with whom along with Parsons, we have designed components and are manufacturing them for 50 kms of fencing, in stainless steel and galvanized mild steel.

As a group under the name of Inox Arabia we intend to continue to produce components for large, highly prestigious projects like the Burj Khalifa and future projects we are interested in and that are interested in us are Kingdom Tower, 1000 meters high in Saudi Arabia, India Tower in India about 750 meters high, Loader Tower in India, 500 meters high tallest residential tower in the world.  Louvre Museum plus 4 other museums in Abu Dhabi.  We have the pedigree to work on these projects and the contacts to do so.  Most of them we are presently engaged with their Architects and owners etc. to undertake.

EMAAR and the Burj Khalifa have again commenced their interest in us electro polishing the 10,000 meters of Fascia Tubes around the tower.  We are currently awaiting patents on our technology for onsite electro polishing to electropolish components of any length.

We continue to grow, advance and seek solutions to projects we are involved in and will always be available to do so.

Inox Arabia are currently working with FOSTERS and PARTNER OF LONDON, Permasteelisa Gartner, Abu Dhabi Municipality and many others.

Inox Arabia are further working on projects in South Africa, Abu Dhabi, Nigeria, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia at present.

Inox Arabia, Curvet and Expo Inox including Olimpia 80 Group supply their products throughout the World.  All lists of products we produce as standard are available on www.inoxarabia.com.

The Group has supplied and works with companies including:

EMAAR of Dubai, UAEBrosen of Turkey
PROSCAPE of Dubai, UAETubra of Brazil
TURNER of Sausalito CaliforniaInox Tubos of Brazil
of Michigan Ave Chicago
Zamprogna of Brazil
Hyder InternationalYegenet of Ethiopia
Ilta – Arvedi Group of ItalyThermatool Mill System of USA
Gilby – Arvedi Group of ItalyFelker Brothers of USA
H.P.T. of ItalyKipco International of USA
Tubificio Di Terni – Thyssen Krupp of ItalyParker Hannifin of USA
Betabernini of ItalyTruflex of USA
Unoaerre of ItalyPrana Reksa of Indonesia
Tre Bi of ItalyRatnamani of India
T-Laser of ItalyBrandari Foils & Tubes of India
Tecnofar of ItalyKing Lai of China
D.R.T. of ItalyBaoxin (Boasteel Group) of China
A.T.I. of ItalyAlphafinance of Ukraine
Sitef of ItalyIncorproduction of Russia
Isotubi of SpainSerp I Molot of Russia
I.R. Inoxidablede Rabade of SpainV.I.S. of Russia
Metalast of SpainRed Security of Cape Town, South Africa
Bornay S.A. of SpainGreen Point Stadium in South Africa
Potterton Myson of United KingdomDurban, Intl. Airport in South Africa
C.S.I. of United KingdomSeeb International Airport in Oman
Sole of NorwayPanorama of Muscat Oman
Akrapovic of SloveniaLulu Island in Bahrain
V.K. Vakovsy of Czech RepublicAll Seas Marine of Dubai
A.Z. – Pokorny of Czech RepublicDutco Tennant Dubai
Hesfibel of TurkeyErenport Construction Dubai

Please read our brochures and visit us on www.inoxarabia.com

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